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The Mall Rules


  • 1.Male Avatar shopping for male avatar or Female avatar shopping for female avatar.
  •  You can shop up to 10 items a day.
  • It is forbidden to shop at all items in one day.
  • It is forbidden to drive the cars of the car shop.
  • It is forbidden to come in the mall naked.
  • All items inside in shops it is free.
  • It is forbidden to try copys for any of designer building etc... item in region this is no for copys.
  • If you have any question you can ask the mall manager MARJA HAVEN she stay at mall 24/7.
  • Forbidden kids avatar or adult with kids avatar any avatar of this ejeckt and banned with no worning.
  • The Mall has about 2000 visitors every month 1 like to opensimworld the mall page it s enough to be from you.
  • Who does not respect the mall rules ejeckt and banned from the mall with no worning.